Dave Mitton

Dave Mitton | Toronto Cocktail Conference

For the past twenty years Dave has been working behind bars, shaking up cocktails around the globe at pop-ups, cocktail weeks, spirited affairs, culinary symposiums, fashion shows, charity events, beach bars, art galleries and even the occasional grocery store. He was the co-owner of establishments such as The Harbord Room and Czehoski over the past fifteen years in Toronto. He was also the inaugural President of The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, Ontario Chapter, for its first three years. His drinks have been featured in numerous publications around the globe and he’s made multiple television appearances over the years creating specialty cocktails. Dave is also the International Canadian Whisky Ambassador for Lot No. 40, Gooderham and Worts, Pike Creek, and J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Whisky. This role keeps him quite busy to say the least. Traveling throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia. Educating bartenders and consumers alike about the history, the process and production and of course the making of cocktails with Canadian Whisky. He’s always had a great passion for community amongst bartenders. Dave is a big believer in training and providing staff with the knowledge and tools they need when it comes to making great drinks and working behind the stick.

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