Have you ever wanted to meet someone that you really respect, have a coffee and then ask them all of the questions? Now is your chance!

Our goal for Toronto Cocktail Conference is to bring bartenders and industry folk together. To create a real sense of community. We believe that no matter how many years you have been in the industry, how many books you have read or how many seminars you have attended, there is always something you can learn from every situation. We know that in educating all bartenders and allowing them access to this knowledge, we all become better for it. The more we all know, the greater this industry becomes and a lot of that comes down to sharing.

At TOCC, we have created a mentorship program that we are really excited about. The mentoring is included in all TOCC wristbands. The majority of our incredible speakers have volunteered their time for this program. You will be given the opportunity to sit down for fifteen minutes one-on-one with these industry leaders to have a conversation and to ask them whatever it is that you are wanting to learn about.

Enrolment for the mentorship program will take place on the mornings of Tuesday, August 14th and Wednesday, August 15th at the registration table. There, you will have the opportunity to sign up to speak with the Mentors at a set time. During that time, you can grab a cup of coffee with the Mentor and start up conversation. We are working with on a first-come first-serve basis and you must enroll in person to secure your spot.

Tuesday Mentors include:
Ashtin Berry
Erick Castro
Ezra Star
Christina Veira
Kevin Demers
Nick Kennedy
Robin Goodfellow
Shawn Soole
Shane Beehan

Wednesday Mentors include:
Chris Elford
Chris Lowder
Dr. Don Livermore
Elayne Duff
Erin Rose
Jordan Stacey
Micaela Piccolo
Mirella Amato



Sponsored by Campari Canada.